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News sources and government officials alike are sending mixed messages to U.S. Toyota owners. If you own a Toyota model that is the subject of a recall for a defective gas pedal, should you stop driving your car? The answer, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is no.

Car Accident AttorneyIn a congressional hearing earlier this week, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood advised Toyota owners to stop driving their cars unless it was to a local Toyota dealer. LaHood backpedaled from the statement later in the week after Toyota’s stock plummeted and outraged investors. The NHTSA announced yesterday that Toyota car owners subject to the gas acceleration recall should contact their car dealer and set up an appointment to have the defective gas pedal fixed.
In the meantime, what should you do if your accelerator sticks? The NHTSA advises drivers to put the car in neutral or stop the car immediately, and then call a Toyota dealer.

Car Accidents Resulting from a Defective Gas Pedal

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