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Auto accident attorneyAn Associated Press article published recently said Toyota ordered all its dealers to inspect their vehicles for mismatched floor mats in relation to a fiery car accident that killed four members of a family. The deadly auto accident was believed to be caused by floor mats that snagged the gas pedal on a Lexus that caused it to accelerate into the family’s SUV. Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc. issued the order to around 1400 Lexus and Toyota dealers around the country to ensure that each vehicle in their inventory had the proper floor mats and that those mats were properly secured. Toyota also encouraged Toyota owners to inspect their floor mats for safety.

One Toyota official said, “If there’s any doubt in their mind about the security and shape of their mat, go ahead and visit the dealer.”

A 45-year-old California Highway Patrol Officer and three others were killed August 28, 2009, on State Route 125 in Santee-a town near San Diego-when the runaway Lexus traveling faster than 120 mph hit their SUV. After hitting the SUV, the Lexus launched off an embankment, rolled several times and burst into flames.

The 2009 Lexus ES 350 was a loaner provided by a dealer while the family car was being serviced. Investigators with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have determined that a rubber floor mat found in the wreckage was a couple of inches longer than the mat that belonged in the vehicle. The accident was a direct result of the driver’s improper floor mat. If you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver or faulty equipment on the part of the manufacturer, Los Angeles car accident lawyer Samer Habbas may be able to help you and your family recover financially from the accident. Call California car accident attorney Samer Habbas today for a free consultation to see what legal recourse you may have.