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Side view of writing on clipboard while insurance agent examining car after accident

Toyota Motor Corp. recently announced a huge recall that affects 4.26 million cars and trucks manufactured since the 2002 model year. The recall is to modify and replace gas pedals that may stick and cause a vehicle to accelerate out of control. Toyota issued a statement that said the recall involves floor mats that can jam the accelerator pedal open and have done so at least 1000 times on Toyota vehicles.

The gas pedal problems have been widely reported with one especially well publicized incident in San Diego that claimed the lives of a California Highway Patrol officer and three members of his family. Since the 2002 model year, Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks have been involved in more than one thousand sudden-acceleration incidents that claimed 19 lives, resulting in the biggest recall in company history.

“We are very, very confident that we have addressed this issue,” Toyota spokesperson Irv Miller told reporters in detailing the recall plans Wednesday.

Toyota has not released the total cost of the recall, but industry analysts believe that it will cost the company well over $250 million to service and replace parts for more than 4 million vehicles. Until very recently, the company’s position was that there were no underlying defects in its vehicles.

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