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Brain Injury attorney LawyerAccording to the Charleston Regional Business Journal, the University of California at San Diego is one of ten state partners selected by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) to study the effects of traumatic brain injury. The commission of the $1.5 million study by the DOD is to examine the types of traumatic brain injuries associated with combat, as well as post-traumatic stress disorders.

Although this study centers on traumatic head and brain injuries incurred by soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, certain aspects of the multi-state research effort may have implications for the treatment and prevention of traumatic brain injuries outside a warzone setting.

For civilians, the risk of traumatic brain injury is not as prevalent as for the men and women in America’s armed forces. However, severe head injuries and traumatic accidents do occur in everyday life. Civilians recovering from a stressful automobile accident with associated brain injuries can experience some of the same symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder seen in combat veterans.

We applaud the efforts of the DOD and the University of California at San Diego in their quest to understand the mechanics of traumatic brain injuries for treatment of our war-wounded. We are also hopeful that the results from this research project will apply to ordinary citizens suffering from a brain injury.

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