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Motor Vehicle AccidentNews reports indicate that Uber has settled with the family of a woman killed on March 18th in Tempe, Arizona by of the company’s self-driving cars. Elaine Herzberg, 49, was the first pedestrian to be killed by a self-driving autonomous vehicle.

The dashcam video from the Uber vehicle showed its backup driver looking down at her lap before the fatal crash. Investigations are still ongoing as to why the car’s sensors did not detect Herzberg and brake the car, as they are supposed to.

Uber reached a settlement with Herzberg’s family only 10 days after the accident.

The Meaning Behind the Quick Settlement With Uber

Although this quick settlement is good news for the victim’s mourning family members, it also suggests that Uber threw so much money to make the tragic death go away as quickly as possibly. It further suggests that Uber also did this to prevent legal discovery into what the company knew about its self-driving cars.

However, just because the quick resolution avoids the prospect of a fact-reaping trial, it does not mean federal and local authorities are taking this incident lightly. It is expected for their investigation to take months to come to a conclusion.

The Impact of the Self-Driving v. Pedestrian Accident

Uber has suspended its robot car testing in the four cities where it operates. As a further precaution, Uber is letting its California permit for driverless car testing lapse. The company must meet with state regulators to explain the circumstances of the Tempe crash before it can get a new one.

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