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Car Accident AttorneySouthern California, as well as other areas of the state, has seen a decline in the number of alcohol related accidents that occur on their roadways each year. Unfortunately, the number of cases involving drivers operating motor vehicles while under the influence of prescription drugs has significantly increased. These figures most definitely are due to the increased popularity and numbers of drugs prescribed in the U.S. today. In fact, many Americans take more than one type of prescription drug on a daily basis and are on a pill “cocktail” for different ailments or illnesses. One’s ability to drive may become impaired when taking or combining prescription drugs, and the risks of an accident significantly increase.

All prescription drugs are required to list side effects, and most all include a warning that the drug may hinder the ability to operate heavy machinery including automobiles. Some of the most common painkillers and cold and flu medicines have a warning that says that taking the product may cause drowsiness and that one should not drive. Because these warnings are part of every advertisement for every prescription and even nonprescription drugs, people often ignore them or do not take them seriously.

Personal injury attorneys in Southern California and the Los Angeles area say that the regulation and prosecution of people driving under the influence of prescription drugs is a challenge on many levels. These challenges include the fact that many of these prescription drugs stay in one’s system for days or up to weeks. In addition, Americans are unaware that there is such a huge problem with driving under the influence of prescription drugs because so many of us are taking one form or another of a prescription and feel just fine getting behind the wheel.

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