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While negotiating your settlement, your Orange County personal injury attorney and the insurance claims adjuster will be adversaries, with each side trying to walk away with as much money as possible. However, experienced personal injury attorneys know that there will be times where they must take steps to accommodate the insurance claim adjuster so that negotiations proceed smoothly and you receive your settlement in a timely manner.

Part of doing this is making sure the claims adjuster has all of the information he needs in order to resolve a claim. An experienced attorney will know what information the claims adjuster needs to do his job, and he will release that information (and only that information) early and without prompting so that the negotiations process is not bogged down by formal information requests. If the claims adjuster does formally request information, an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney may be able to anticipate any follow-up questions that will be raised by the material and include that information, as well.

Furthermore, an experienced personal injury attorney knows how to prioritize the information that he reports to the claims adjuster. Most insurance companies are bureaucratic entities where the adjuster will be overseen carefully by a superior. If an attorney takes the initiative and provides the adjuster with the information he needs to show his superiors, the attorney may both speed up the negotiation process and find the adjuster himself easier to deal with.

If you have been injured in Orange County, get an attorney who can work with the insurance companies. Call Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.