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Car Accident Attorney Having your driver’s license represents a sense of personal freedom and independence. For many young individuals, getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage. However, driving can be a dangerous activity for many older adults and it can pose difficulties knowing when it is time for them to voluntarily give up their driving privileges. Panic or confusion can easily result in a catastrophic car accident for older adults. As such, it is important to address any perceived driving problems sooner rather than later.

There are no hard and fast rules relating to how old seniors have to be to give up their driving privileges. However, below are some tips that you should consider when talking to a senior loved one about driving, safety and possibly having to retire their driver’s license and car keys.

  1. Advance Planning About What To Discuss

Elderly individuals constantly face challenges that compromise their sense of freedom, making them very inflexible and stubborn when it comes to driving. Driving is a privilege that many of us often take for granted, thus making it difficult to realize just how much of a factor driving plays in our overall quality of life.

When discussing driving privileges with a senior individual, it should be well thought out and planned in advance. Your discussion will most likely be a process and involve several discussions.

  1. Develop a Health Assessment

While older adults can be safe, certain health risks and physical changes can affect their ability to safely operate a car. Before having a conversation with your elderly loved one, it is best to try and confirm that they are in good health and check to see whether any prescribed medications that they are taking is affecting or altering their driving skills.

  1. Evaluating Driving Skills

Another step you should consider before having your conversation with an elderly loved one is to ride with him or her and quietly observe and assess their driving skill level. You should look for the following factors that may indicate some sort of impairment:

  • Frequently getting into car accidents
  • Getting lost on roads that should be very familiar
  • The car is constantly getting dinged up
  • Responding slowly to rapidly developing situations
  • Difficulty reading or seeing signs and pavement markings
  • An unusual number of traffic tickets and/or warnnings

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