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One of the most common questions an Orange County auto accident attorney hears from people who have been injured in car accidents is, “How long will it take for my case to settle?”

Unfortunately, it is impossible in the early stages of an auto accident claim to predict when a case will settle, if at all. Some claims settle months after your injury, but others take years.

Auto accident attorneyIf your injury required expensive medical treatment and caused you to miss work for any length of time, you are probably feeling increased financial pressure. Because of this, your inclination may be to settle the case as soon as possible. However, it is difficult to know how much your case is worth until you have had a complete medical recovery, so settling too soon may cause you to recover far less money than your injury will actually end up costing you in the long run.

Before your Orange County auto accident attorney settles a case, he will want to know:

– What is the total of your medical bills?

– Do you have any permanent injuries that affect your earning potential?

– Do you need further medical treatment, and if so, how much will it cost?

– How much did you lose in income and other employee benefits as a result of your injury?

As your case progresses and the answers to these questions become more clear, your Orange County auto accident attorney will be better able to put a value on your case and predict when it is likely to settle.

If you have been injured in an auto accident and you are not already represented by a lawyer, please call Orange County auto accident attorney Samer Habbas at (888) 848-5084 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.