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One of the most common questions an Orange County car accident lawyer is asked by clients is, “When will the trial take place?” However, due to the variety of factors that can impact when your case approaches the trial stage, this question cannot be answered. Among the factors that can affect when your case reaches trial are:

* The number of judges available to hear trials.
* Other trials the lawyers in the case may have pending in other areas.
* The amount of cases that have yet to reach the trial stage.
* The format of the trial calendar. (For instance, some trial calendars may have what is known as a “trailing docket,” and criminal trials may or may not have priority depending on the trial calendar.)
* The completion of all discovery procedures, including depositions and interrogatories, by both sides.
* Various other possible factors.

In some states, a case can reach trial a year or less after the initial suit has been filed; however, in some jurisdictions this process can take several years. Regardless, an Orange County car accident lawyer should be able to inform you when your case reaches the trial stage.

Another common question clients have is, “How much notice will I get before trial?” Although you will likely receive ample notice to prepare for trial, in some jurisdictions you may have to “get ready” multiple times before your case actually reaches trial. In some areas, court will schedule many cases for trial, but only a few reach the trial stage. An Orange County car accident lawyer will clarify this process for you.

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