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Construction is an integral part of America. Construction workers build our roads, highways, homes, shopping centers, and basically maintain and repair America’s physical infrastructure. However, this important line of work also comes with many risks and hazards. Every day on the job, construction workers risk their lives working at great heights, in excavations, with dangerous power tools and equipment, and in confined spaces and electricity. In 2009, construction workers were exposed to nearly three times in fatal occupational hazards than all other workers in the United States.

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With the possibility of so many injuries and so many construction site accidents actually occurring, one of the main concerns for victims and their loved ones is who is legally responsible for their injuries. This article provides useful information in determining who is liable for your construction site accident injuries.

Holding The Right Parties Accountable In Construction Site Accidents

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a construction site accident, you may be wondering who is liable for the accident; who will be paying for your medical bills; and who will be paying for your resulting pain and suffering. Holding the right parties liable is imperative in these tragic cases because the injuries are often very serious, resulting in extensive medical bills.

There are two main parties who are often held responsible in construction site accidents:

  1. The owner of the construction site where the accident took place.
  2. Any other parties who were in any way involved in the project, such as subcontractors, architects or suppliers, and the general contractor in charge of the project.

However, every construction site accident is case specific because it involves its own unique set of facts. In order to determine which party is specifically liable in your particular case, it is important that you immediately consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer that handles these types of accidents.

Getting the Compensation That You Deserve

Injuries resulting from construction site accidents can be devastating. Victims are often unable to return to work for a long period of time, if at all. In other words, the financial impact of a construction site accident can be significant. That is why you need to take every step possible to get the money damages that you deserve.

A knowledgeable and aggressive Irvine construction site accident attorney can help you obtain full monetary compensation for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional and mental suffering
  • Any other out pocket expenses you incurred as a result of the accident

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