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While every case is unique, slip and fall cases have a few key issues that must always be addressed in the plaintiff’s testimony. Your Orange County personal injury attorney will make sure that you are able to speak about the following issues before testifying.

Slip & fall accidentThe first common issue is the reason you were on the premises of the accident. Your reasons for being on the defendant’s property will affect his liability for your accident. Thus, you will be asked to why you were on the premises, whether it was for business or social reasons, and what you exactly you were intending to do on the premises. You will also be asked how long you expected to stay on the premises.

A second common issue is the weather at the time of your accident. You will be asked about the temperature and whether or not it rained. You will be asked to describe how the inclement weather conditions, if any, affected your ability to get around safely on the property.

Another common issue is the state of the property itself. You will be asked about the location where your injury occurred. You must include in your testimony such details as the type of surface you slipped on, and whether or not there were objects on the floor, and whether or not your vision was obscured.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, make sure you have an attorney who is familiar with all aspects of personal injury cases. Call today for a free initial consultation with experienced Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas.

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