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Personal injury lawyer-Samer HabbasIn regular cases, trial has a basic format that is followed almost every time. Television may not accurately portray the process of an actual trial, as television tends to focus on the dramatic parts of the process. An Orange County personal injury lawyer will help prepare you for the trial process of your personal injury lawsuit. While there may be variations depending on the nature of the trial and jurisdiction, the general process looks like this:

  1. The judge will open trial by calling lawyers, clients, and prospective jurors into the forum. Your Orange County personal injury lawyer will be by your side.
  2. The jury selection process, referred to as voir dire, commences. In California, lawyers can ask appropriate questions of prospective jurors before selecting the. This process allows them to find potential biases. The judge may also ask a prospective juror questions.
  3. After jury selection, the lawyer for each side will make an opening statement. These statements summarize the case so that the jury will have an outline of the case. Opening statements are generally short.
  4. After opening statements, your Orange County personal injury lawyer will present your case by calling witnesses to the stand for questioning. You, your doctor, employer, friends, family, and other witnesses who can testify about the incident or injuries may be appropriate witnesses.
  5. After each witness is questioned by your lawyer, the other side’s lawyer is entitled to cross examination or questioning.
  6. Your lawyer may then ask any additional questions. This part of the process is called re direct examination.

If you have further questions about trial procedures, an Orange County personal injury lawyer can help you better understand the process. Contact dedicated Orange County personal injury lawyer Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.