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Wrongful death attorneyThe California wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas place an emphasis on client education so that their clients may make informed decisions about which course of action will be best for them. While our Orange County wrongful death attorneys can answer many questions during a free consultation, many clients struggling with the loss of a loved one want to know the same things. To that end, here are some wrongful death FAQs answered by our experienced Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys:

What is wrongful death?

Wrongful death is the result of a person engaging in wrongful actions that caused the death of another person such as reckless driving, driving while drunk or high, deliberately intending to murder someone and other acts of negligence and recklessness.

Aren’t murder and wrongful death the same thing?

From a legal standpoint, no. Murders trials are criminal lawsuits while wrongful death cases are determined by civil lawsuits.

Who can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit?

Laws differ from state to state, but in California, the people who may file a wrongful death lawsuit include the following: “The victim’s surviving spouse, domestic partner, children, and offspring of deceased children, or, if there are no surviving children of the victim, the persons, including the surviving spouse or domestic partner, who would be entitled to the property of the victim by intestate succession (a person dying without a will).”

Is there a time limit for filing wrongful death claims?

Wrongful death statutes of limitations vary from state to state. In California, those wishing to file a wrongful death lawsuit have two years from the date of the incident or accident that caused the wrongful death.

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