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A serious accident involving injuries can shake you up and make you become unsure of your legal rights. Car accidents that involve injuries can be complicated. It can be difficult to determine initially what happened, who was at fault for the accident, and when you should file a claim.

These are all good reasons why you need to consult with an experienced Orange County car accident attorney. This article provides the top three reasons why you need a strong attorney in order to obtain the full compensation that you deserve after an accident that was not your accident attorney 

1. Experience and Good Advice

In order to win the fight, you need to know the law. Each state has its own set of laws with respect to liability and payment issues after an accident. One common question that accident victims have is who will pay for their medical bills. Many states are “no-fault,” which means the insurance company will reimburse the victim for the accident costs regardless of who is at fault. California is not a no-fault state. This makes it even more important to consult with an experienced accident attorney in California for determining who is liable for your monetary damages.

2. Investigating the Accident

Determining what happened in an accident is not always straightforward. Was the accident caused by one of the drivers, the weather, road conditions, or even the malfunction of a car’s computer system? The accident could be caused by factors other than what was initially assumed. Or there could be multiple causes. There may be different witnesses who saw different things. Good investigation can reveal different factors that were not apparent to the parties.

A good accident attorney can help facilitate a detailed investigation. An experienced attorney will know to hire the best investigative team to dig up necessary information to prove the other party was at fault.

3. Get Full Settlement Value of Your Claim

A seasoned Orange County car accident attorney knows what to expect during the negotiation and settlement process. He will have a good idea based on the facts of your case how much the case should get settled for. As such, an attorney who has experience working with insurance companies and knows their negotiation tactics can tell you when an offer is fair and when it is not.

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