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Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers Southern California

Has Your Insurance Company Acted in Bad Faith and Denied a Perfectly Valid Claim? We Can Help Fight for Your Rights!

Insurance Bad Faith lawyersInsurance companies are supposed to act on good faith, which means they are obligated to provide reasonable services for reasonable claims. Unfortunately, some insurance companies let other concerns push policy holder interests to the wayside. Our Irvine, CA personal injury attorneys will fight for a settlement you deserve and will be there to help you through this tough time. We handle insurance bad faith lawsuits in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino.

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Insurance bad faith happens when an insurance company unreasonably refuses to provide the services that have been paid for by the policy holder. Denying claims without good reason is only one example of an insurance company acting in bad faith. Unreasonable delay in processing claims, failure to properly investigate a claim, and failure to fully defend a claim are other ways that insurance companies act in bad faith towards their policy holders. The Insurance bad faith lawyers at The Law Offices of Samer Habbas are advocates for the insurance policy holders. In any insurance settlement case, the insurance companies have teams of lawyers representing their interests. An insurance bad faith attorney levels the playing field for his or her client.

Insurance Bad Faith or Breach of Contract?

Not every claim denial is an instance of bad faith. Sometimes, insurance companies make honest mistakes. If an insurance company denies a claim incorrectly, this is an example of breach of contract. If an insurance company has made an error in processing a claim, a policy holder may be able to sue and recover the proper amount specified in the policy. There is a clear distinction between insurance bad faith and breach of contract. Insurance bad faith involves the informed decision of the insurance company to unreasonably fulfill their obligations. In court, an insurance bad faith attorney will use his or her expertise to prove two things: 1. The denial of claim was unreasonable. 2. The insurance company knew that the denial of claim was unreasonable.

Insurance Bad Faith or Breach of Contract?

The specific goal of an insurance bad faith lawsuit is justice for the policy holder. However, insurance bad faith lawsuits have a more general goal of sending a message to the insurance companies that they will be held accountable for their actions. If an insurance company has acted in a manner far removed from good faith dealings, justice is not served by merely paying for actual losses. Some bad faith cases award punitive damages to serve as a stern warning to other insurance companies.

Do You Know a Victim of Insurance Bad Faith?

Have you or someone you care about been unreasonably denied a claim or been treated in bad faith by your insurance company? Contact the Law Offices of Samer Habbas. We are personal injury attorneys in Southern California who can help you get your fair settlement. Please call 1-888-848-5084 to discuss your case, or you can fill out our free personal injury consultation form.

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  • Samer Habbas and Kristina Akers Secure $11,000,000 for a Truck Accident Case
  • Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates Achieves $3,450,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Victim
  • $1,500,000 Settlement for Brain Injury Victim in Sherman Oaks
  • $1,250,000 Recovered for a Hemet Driver hit by an 18-Wheel Semi-truck
  • $1,177,158.38 Trial Verdict for Automobile v. Pedestrian Accident in Downey
  • Samer Habbas Achieves a $880,000 Settlement on a Low-Impact Auto Accident
  • Samer Habbas Secures $859,999.99 for an Auto Accident Victim
  • Samer Habbas Achieves $875,000 Settlement for a Truck Accident Case


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Awesome service the team here is very attentive and keep you notified with your case. Summer answered all my questions and really explain the process thoughrly. She made sure everything was taken care of and made the process comfortable and easy. Highly recommend this more
Lolita M.
I was in an accident a week before Christmas, my car was totaled and my arm was broken in several places. Therefore I was in need of a couple of pretty serious surgeries. Having never been in a car accident and being completely lost as to where I even begin, I was referred to Samer' Law Firm by a co-worker. Within hours of being released from the hospital they had sent someone to my home to take a statement, to began what was a seamless process that surprisingly required very little from me which I was thankful for considering I was out of work for the next 5 weeks with my injuries. I worked closely with Selena Bazan and Mike Habbas, they were both extremely patient in explaining what was completely a foreign process to me. Throughout the entire case I had plenty of questions or needed clarification, they were a phone call or email away to answer and to take the time to explain any and everything to me in detail and address any concern I had. Even when returning back to work if there was something that needed to be taken care of in person they came to me at my office. I was warned by several people who have been in accidents how matters like this can take months on months, even years. As of today my case is resolved! While maintaining professionalism and ensuring that I knew how important my case was to them, I always felt as though they genuinely cared for my well-being and that I received both the medical attention, after care and compensation I deserved. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and the treatment that I received from Samer habbas and more
Crystal R.
I had such a great experience with Samer Habbas & Associates from the very beginning of working with them. The process was so easy from the start. They came to me to get the details of the accident, they asked me for a few additional documents which I scanned in, and then they took it over completely. In a time of need, they were amazing with taking all the burden off of me and eventually getting me a great result as well. I would highly recommend them to more
Marli H.
I was very pleased with the professional service from samer habbas & associates. I would recomend there law firm, to anybody needing a lawyer.
Heather C.
I was in a terrible wreck back in October. I had multiple broken bones and a severe concussion. I started searching for lawyers immediately and after interviewing 5 different lawyers. I felt Samer was going to do the best to represent me and he did. Samer, Mike, and Jazmine went above and beyond to make sure everything was in order from dealing with insurance companies to getting the medical treatment I needed. They answer their phones and if they do miss your call they actually call you back in a timely manner. They made sure I was taken care of, the service they provide to their clients is unrivaled. I hope nothing like this ever happens to me again but if it does Samer and Mike have earned my business for life. They are hands down the best personal injury attorneys ever. I highly encourage anyone who has been in accident to go with Samer and Mike if your hurt or injured there is no firm better than this one. Thanks again Samer I appreciate all the work and help you and your team have done so i can get through this! :)read more
Alan R.
Very helpful, Jazmine always got back to me either via call or email within 24hours. Very understanding, open, upfront and honest. Didn't lead me on in any type of way. The prosse l moved a lot faster then expected! I hope I personally never need a lawyer again but if I did Samer Habbas & associates would be my go to!read more
Jasmine J.
I had the best service and the did the job right and we had no problems with anything best recommendations for doctors and help me out when I needed it the most this is one good law firm I had the best experience and they gave me the max amount and it was the best service I had by far thank you law office of samer habbasread more
Ramon V.
I had the pleasure of working with Mike and Jeffery! They went above and beyond to make sure that I felt cared for and that my case was settled in a timely manner. Mike stayed in constant communication with me to make sure I understood everything regarding my case. If i ever need a legal team they will be my go to ! Thank you so much you guys for treating my case as if it were your own!You were amazing !read more
Rikayah C.
Very helpful team, I'm glad I did my case with them.
nael M.
I highly recommend the services of the law office of Samer Habbas & Associates. I was in a car accident and they took great care of me and my needs, they were fast and efficient in their work and got me paid out pretty quick.
Jose M.

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