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nursing home neglectMany individuals and families know to look for signs of elder abuse in order to protect their most senior members, but according to California agencies, there’s still a disturbingly high rate of elder abuse in the state. A new guideline from the California Department of Justice (CDJ), in coordination with the AARP, shows over 200,000 cases of elder abuse annually in California.

According to the CDJ, there are some primary types of elder abuse that too often go unnoticed. One is abuse in long-term care facilities. Another one is physical abuse by family members or others. The third kind of common elder abuse is financial abuse. This type of crime is often considered more complex and less easy to identify.

What can people do about financial elder abuse? The CDJ has put forward some key tips for protecting the finances of elders who are likely to fall prey to all kinds of predatory practices. One tip is to use the available Do Not Call List to limit the access of unscrupulous telemarketers into a senior’s home. This is something that caregivers or younger family members can do for an elderly person. Seniors are also encouraged to be careful in parting with personal information and to maintain correct power of attorney to stop opportunistic individuals from robbing them through legal technicalities.

Unfortunately, elder abuse is still common in California. If you suspect someone in your family is a victim, call our California elder abuse lawyer, Samer Habbas. Mr. Habbas has helped many clients deal with the troubling aspects of different types of elder abuse. Call The Law Offices of Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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