blog banner One of the most serious injuries you can suffer in an accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Traumatic Brain InjuryA brain injury, or any other type of head injury, can immediately impact your ability to speak, talk, walk or even breathe. However, not all head injuries display immediate symptoms. It can take days or even weeks for certain symptoms to surface. As such, if you were involved in an accident, it is important to be vigilant for any symptoms that may indicate you suffered a head injury.

Below are long-term complications associated with a traumatic brain injury:

Cognitive Issues

When you suffer an injury to any part of your brain in which cognition takes place, then it stands to reason that there can be serious cognitive issues. Some of the resulting issues can include reduced memory, trouble with learning, reduced reasoning, and issues with communication. If you have suffered a brain injury to the cognitive portion of your brain, you will also have other types of complications, including:

  • Having trouble understanding speech
  • Issues with speaking
  • Difficulties reading 
  • Difficulties understanding written words

Behavioral Issues

When you suffer a traumatic brain injury, it is common for you to act differently than before you were injured. You may suffer with issues of self-control and not have the awareness of how appropriate or inappropriate your behavior may be. You may even engage in risky behavior that you would not have otherwise taken part in before the accident. A TBI can also result in very fast mood swings, depression, anger and anxiety.

Physical Issues

You brain is in charge of most of your bodily processes. When you suffer a traumatic brain injury, you go through many different physical symptoms. A TBI can damage nerves that affect your eyes and facial muscles, your inability to taste, have constant ringing in your ears, have blurred vision, and/or experience trouble keeping your balance.

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