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Delayed Injury Symptoms

Motor vehicle accidents are generally horrifying experiences – even when the damage is not severe. Victims of car accidents can suffer various types of injuries depending on the severity of the collision. It is important to note that not all injuries manifest immediate symptoms after an accident. When you are in an accident, your body may go into shock, which means you may not feel the full extent of the injuries immediately after an accident. This makes it extremely important to seek immediate medical attention, even if you don’t think you were injured.

Common Symptoms of a Delayed Injury

Below are some common symptoms you may not feel immediately after a collision, but rather hours, days or even weeks later:

  • Headaches — Headaches can develop several days after a vehicle accident. Delayed headaches can sometimes signal a potentially serious problem, such as a blood clot in the brain or a serious concussion.
  • Abdominal pain or swelling — A delayed stomach ache or abdominal swelling could indicate internal bleeding or other life-threatening conditions that need to be diagnosed and treated by trained emergency medical personnel.
  • Neck pain or shoulder pain — Delayed neck or shoulder pain, a classic delayed symptom injury associated with accidents, could indicate whiplash.
  • Back pain Delayed back pain after a car crash could be caused by injury to the muscles, ligaments or nerves in the back or even by damage to the vertebrae.
  • Numbness — Loss of feeling in arms hands is another indication or whiplash injury, resulting from damage to the neck or spinal column. 

Since certain medical conditions may not display immediate symptoms, it is best to see a doctor right after an accident. Even if you’ve experienced these symptoms before, they could mean just about anything. Moreover, getting a proper diagnosis from a doctor can also significantly impact the legal aspects of your accident claim. Without proper diagnosis, your car accident lawyer will not be able to properly value your claim and seek the full compensation that you deserve.

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