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 Home Abuse Attorney During a time of grief, it is only natural that you expect your deceased loved one to be treated correctly and respectfully. After all, just because you’re dead it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve respect, right? Although this line of reasoning is only logical, abuse and negligence in funeral homes is a serious matter that needs to be dealt in an appropriate manner.

If you believe your deceased loved one was subject to negligence or abuse in a funeral home, you should contact an Orange County funeral home abuse lawyer to discuss the facts of your case.

Acts of Negligence and Abuse at Funeral Homes

When we choose a funeral home for the preparation of a loved one who has passed away, we look to these service providers for peace of mind. The last things we expect are unscrupulous acts or negligence. However, a variety of things can and do go wrong at funeral homes. Although some are acts of negligence, others are right out abuse.

Below are some examples of both abuse and negligence in funeral homes:

  • Cremation of the wrong body
  • Ashes sent to the wrong family
  • Negligent handling of bodies
  • Improper embalming of bodies
  • Multiple bodies or the wrong body placed in coffins
  • Removing and selling of body parts
  • Vandalism of graveyard sites
  • Theft of personal property found on the deceased body
  • Sexual abuse of the deceased
  • Pre-need contract sales abuse

We Can Help

If you have experienced any type of abuse or negligence by a funeral home service provider, you should contact an Orange County funeral home abuse lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Samer Habbas, we believe the deceased deserve as much respect as the living.Call (888) 848-5084 to schedule a complimentary consultation with funeral home abuse attorney Samer Habbas today.