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After experiencing a personal injury, always keep all paperwork related to your medical care. Having a significant paper trail to show your Orange County personal injury attorney will help him or her to better prepare your case.

medical billsOne of the most important records that you should personally have is a copy of every medical bill incurred as a result of the injury, even if your bills are being covered. Do not make the mistake of failing to obtain personal copies of medical bills if your personal injury expenses are covered through health insurance or an employer. Additionally, you should save any drugstore and prescription receipts for purchases related to the treatment of your injury.

In addition to keeping the original records, create a document that charts dates, medication purchases, and medical bill totals. This record of medical bills will serve as some of the most important evidence in your case. It should include the cost, the date, and the method of payment (i.e. who paid for the bill or if it remains unpaid) for every medical service or purchase.

Even if your Orange County personal injury attorney requests your medical bills directly from your doctors and care facilities, make sure that he or she receives copies of all of the records that you have been keeping to ensure that nothing of value to your case will be overlooked. To ensure that you get the settlement you deserve, call experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer Samer Habbas at (888) 848-5084 for a free case evaluation.