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Personal-Injury-ClaimsOne of the many decisions your Orange County personal injury attorney will make when preparing your personal injury case is whether or not to use visual aids when presenting the evidence to the jury. If a visual aid will substantially facilitate the jury’s understanding of the evidence, preparing and using an effective visual aid can greatly increase your cases chances of success.

If your attorney decides that using a visual aid would be a good idea in your case, odds are good that he will use a magnetic accident board. These boards are usually prepared using computer graphics and contain to-scale representations of the scene of your accident and the various vehicles involved in your accident.

Using such a board to reenact the accident will allow the jury to follow your testimony much better than they would otherwise. The spatial relationships between the cars in the accident, which are often hard to convey verbally, become very apparent when using maps and magnetic images.

The magnetic board may also have a distance grid, which would allow your attorney to show the jury where the vehicles were at different times before the crash if the speed of the cars are known. For example, your attorney might use the distance grid as a guide to show the jury exactly where the cars were 2 seconds before the accident.

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