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slip and fall casesRecently, the driver of a truck making his usual early morning rounds cleaning restaurant grease dumpsters failed to close a valve on his truck after one of his stops. This caused a massive grease spill on some client’s parking lots and the streets of a California community. The spilled grease was cited as the cause of at least one auto accident, and it caused a county worker to slip and fall. Martinez, CA officials say that the man pumped used grease from a dumpster behind one restaurant when he forgot to close a valve, which caused his truck to spill grease on several city streets as he pumped grease from several more clients.

Unaware of the open valve or the spilling grease, the driver made his way to Interstate 680, leaving a slippery, messy wake in his path that caused at least one driver to lose control and strike a telephone pole. A county worker crossing one of the slickened streets slipped and fell according to eyewitnesses, but his condition is unknown. The driver was operating a grease and tallow hauling truck owned by a company in Texas that did not issue a statement about the grease spills. However, the company did contact an area spill remedial company to clean up the grease and the sand that local municipalities spread on the spills.

Some may find this story humorous, but California slip and fall lawyer Samer Habbas can tell you that there is nothing funny about slips and falls. These types of accidents frequently result in serious injuries and can be especially devastating to senior citizens. Mr. Habbas is a Southern California slip and fall attorney who sees first-hand the injuries that these types of accidents cause, and he works hard to recover damages for his clients. Call Long Beach slip and fall lawyer Samer Habbas today at 888-848-5084 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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