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When you are seriously injured in a truck accident, the last thing you want to think about is dealing with the legal aspects of your case – in other words, dealing with the responsible truck driver and trucking company’s insurance carrier. However, this is an important task that will need to be properly taken care of in order for you to obtain the full compensation that you deserve for the injuries that you have suffered.

Truck accident cases are generally more complicated than accidents only involving motor vehicles. The reason is that there are many obstacles that you may have to deal with if your accident involved a commercial truck. This is precisely why it is important to hire a personal injury attorney who specifically handles truck accident claims.

The Difficulties of Truck Accident Claims

Truck Accident Attorney

The trucking industry spends millions of dollars to produce studies and testimony to shift blame for truck accidents from truck drivers to the passenger motorists. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney will know the misleading information and how to counter these biased information. Below are some common difficulties involved in truck accident claims:

  • Record falsification. Truck drivers are often under strict deadlines. As such, it is not uncommon for trucking companies to “encourage” their truckers to falsify records that show how long they have been driving without a rest to meet federal guidelines. This can result in truck drivers who are fatigued and overworked, resulting in serious accidents.
  • Failure to follow rules and regulations. Trucking companies and their drivers have to meet certain federal and state regulations, which are designed to reduce truck accidents. In order to maximize profits, trucking companies routinely fail to abide by these important guidelines, which can result in serious accidents.
  • Finding the party in control of defective equipment. It can be very difficult to trace the origin of an equipment failure. An experienced attorney has access to investigators and experts who can successfully pin down the cause of the defective product that caused your accident and place fault on the appropriate party.
  • Preservation of evidence. The key to a successful truck accident resolution is preserving important evidence, such as driver logs, computer records, and on-board “black box” data. These importance pieces of evidence often go “missing” soon after an accident. As such it is important to hire an experienced truck accident attorney who knows how to obtain this evidence before it disappears along with the successful resolution of your personal injury case.

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