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Every attorney has the right to protect his client from unfair questions by objecting. However, in Orange County personal injury cases, defense attorneys have been known to use objections in an abusive manner, using them to prevent personal injury attorneys from properly taking a deposition.

Preventing such abuses of the legal system is relatively straightforward for an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney. The attorney will meet with the defense attorney before the deposition and agree that any objections due to competency relevancy or the materiality of the question will not be waived if the attorney fails to make it during the actual deposition. There will be some objections that the defense attorney can only make during the deposition (including objections about foundation), but other objections can be entered after the fact. This arrangement will alleviate some of the defense attorney’s urge to object at every opportunity, and deprive abusive objectors of the justification behind their frequent objections.

If such an arrangement is not possible, or if the defense attorney is still objecting in a malicious manner, the personal injury attorney may need to take more direct action. He may remind the defense attorney of exactly how frequent the objections have been, then state that he will remind the court that the defense attorney has waived no objections. Such a reassurance is a means for the experienced Orange County personal injury attorney to reprimand the defense attorney in a professional manner.

Make sure you have an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney who can recognize such abusive tactics. Contact personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today by calling 888-848-5084 for a free initial consultation.

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