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When you are injured in an accident, it is easy to get overwhelmed with documents from the insurance company. Documents can include simple correspondence, requests for information, or more importantly releases. These latter documents are important because they are an attempt to release the liable party from certain responsibilities.

Although releases are not an unusual part of the personal injury claim process, it is imperative that you do not sign a release without fully understanding what the release is for. Even better, you should consider consulting with an experienced attorney before signing a release prepared by the insurance adjuster.

This article takes a closer look at different types of releases, their purpose, and how these documents can impact the value of your personal injury claim.

Different Types of Releases

Insurance companies generally provide three types of releases and authorizations in personal injury claims:

  1. Medical Authorization –  this type of release provides the insurance carrier with permission to obtain your medical history from your health care providers. By signing this release, you allow the insurance company to look at both your present medical information, as well as your past medical information.
  2. Release of Claims and Liability – this type of release allows the insurance company to get “off the hook” for the injuries you have suffered. This is the last document that you sign before receiving the settlement check. In other words, once you sign this release, you will no longer have a claim for any future damages.
  3. Release for Property Damage Settlement – this type of release can differ depending on how much your car was damaged in the accident. The insurance company will either give you a settlement check (if your vehicle was totaled) or have your car repaired and pay the body shop directly.

Regardless of what type of release the insurance company gives you, you need to carefully read the form and fully understand the terms and its impact on your case before signing it. It may also be in your best interest to first evaluate your claim and the release with an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney.

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