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Fullerton, Calif. — The Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates settled auto accident case for $150,000. Our client was driving through stop and go traffic, going southbound on the 57 freeway, when she was struck by the vehicle behind her. From impact, our client was then forcefully pushed into the vehicle stopped directly in front. The vehicle in front of our client was stopped due to being rear-ended by an unknown party that fled the scene immediately after impact. 

The damages the plaintiff sustained from the accident was enough to urge her to take legal action against the defendant who struck her from behind. The plaintiff suffered multiple injuries from the incident, which include: bilateral tinnitus, carpal tunnel syndrome, post concussive injury with residual cognitive/memory issues, and cervical spine disc protrusion. 

Our legal team swiftly advanced the case to pre-trial, determined to take the defendant to court. However, we were able to settle the case before the trial date. With an impressive case-argument and substantial technique, we were able to lock down a $150,000 settlement. 


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