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Conor Stanton Obtains a $250,000 Settlement for an Auto Accident Case

Los Angeles, Calif. Associate Attorney, Conor Stanton of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates secures a $250,000 settlement on a car accident claim. The 25-year-old plaintiff was traveling northbound on Bellanca Parkway, an open two-way side street. He then slowed to a stop to make a left hand turn onto a business driveway, located on the opposite side of the road. As he began to safely turn, the vehicle behind him attempted to illegally pass by speeding through the opposite lane, past his left shoulder. The hazardous maneuver led them to collide into the plaintiff’s driver side.

The wrong way accident caused our client to suffer significant injuries to his left shoulder and lower back. He was diagnosed with left acromioclavicular joint separation and acute lower back pain. As recommended by multiple medical specialists, our client went under the knife for a shoulder decompression surgery—an extensive procedure that is mostly performed on patients who are much older.

Before the accident, our client had a clean bill of health. As a result of the defendant’s wrongful actions, our client now struggles to handle simple activities such as caring for his newborn and providing a steady income for his family. The defendant’s insurance company extremely devalued the damages our client suffered at the hands of their insured—presenting an offer of $3,138. The inarguable facts of the incident and medical records alone show that our client deserved significantly more than the low-ball offer defense tried to settle for. Associate Attorney, Conor Stanton was determined to prove just that. Soon after, the defendant’s raised their offer up to $105,000, but Stanton refused to accept anything lower than their policy limits. With a relentless approach, he was able to tender their full policy limits. From an initial offer of $3,138, Stanton successfully settled the case for $250,000.


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