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Corbin Moore Lands a $400,000 Settlement for Victim of a Six-Car Accident.

CorbinLaguna Hills, Calif. — Associate Attorney, Corbin Moore, of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates has attained a $400,000 for a victim of a six car collision. The plaintiff was driving northbound on I-5, when they were struck by a vehicle that had spun across multiple lanes. The vehicle was slammed into the plaintiff after colliding with another driver on the opposite end of the freeway. The impact caused our client to be t-boned into another oncoming vehicle. 

As a result of the multiple impacts, the plaintiff suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, fracture of the thoracic spine, and cervical spine issues. The accident not only made an impact on his body, but it has impacted his life as well. Our client’s everyday activities have altered significantly to conform to his injuries. 

The at-fault’s insurance attempted to place liability on all other vehicles. However, multiple depositions were taken of witnesses, police officers, victims, and first responders to help sway liability in favor of our client. 

The defendant did not offer a single penny until three months before trial was set to begin. Moore presented strong argument points at mediation and was able to get the defendant to settle at $400,000 shortly thereafter.


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