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Kristina Akers Achieves a $100,000 Settlement for a Dog Bite Case Through Renters Insurance

Screenshot_13Los Angeles, Calif. — Associate Attorney, Kristina Akers of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates achieved a $100,000 on a dog bite claim. At the time of the attack, the plaintiff was visiting her friend at their apartment. As she was petting their dog (husky) to greet them, the dog suddenly lunged at the plaintiff and bit her multiple times in the face. 

The plaintiff suffered serious bruising and lacerations near her mouth and both eyes. Her injuries caused noticeable, permanent scarring on her face. Working as an actress and model, the plaintiff was unable to work due to the distinctive change in her physical appearance. 

Though the owner’s of the husky were living in a rented apartment space, it was found that their renters insurance policy covered dog bites. Unlike homeowners insurance, most renters insurance policies do not include dog bite coverage. However, in this case, not only did the defendant’s renters insurance cover dog bites, but the husky in question was not a part of the excluded list of breeds under the policy. 

The owners of the dog knew well enough the risks their adopted pet posed and took no precaution in keeping visitors safe from harm. Attorney Kristina Akers was determined to get the full compensation our client deserved. By showcasing our clients injuries and perpetual trauma, there was no room for defense to argue liability and the extent of our client’s damages. And just before Aker’s continued further by sending out the complete demand package to the insurance adjuster, defense tendered their full policy limits of $100,000. 


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