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Carson, Calif. — Managing Partner, Samer Habbas achieves a $285,000 settlement for a premises liability accident that led to an amputated finger. The plaintiff was working as an independent subcontractor at a salvage yard. He was assigned to examine a pallet full of sizable metal tubes, that are held together by a metal strap. It was during his manual, hands-on inspection that the metal rods suddenly came rolling off the pallet. The plaintiff was left with no time to remove his right hand out of harm’s way before his fingers were crushed.
As a result of the sharp edges on the metal tubes, the plaintiff’s right pinky was partially severed. An ambulance took him to the nearest hospital directly from the scene of the accident. He underwent surgery soon after arriving to fully amputate his pinky finger at the distal joint level. 
Liability for this case was clear cut. An employee at the facility had cut the metal strap that tied the tubes together before they were told to do so. However, the Defendant refused to accept liability. Their negligence was the sole proximate cause of our client’s injuries. Before our firm received this case, the defendant had made no effort to respond to the demand offer with the preceding attorney. The matter was referred to our office by another law firm to handle litigation. Once the attorney referred over this case to our team, Habbas was able to get the matter settled before mediation for $285,000.