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Samer Habbas Secures a $375,000 Settlement for a Tow Truck Rear-End Collision

Bellflower, Los Angeles, Calif. — Managing Partner, Samer Habbas of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates obtained a $375,000 settlement for his clients, who were in a rear-end tow truck collision involving multiple vehicles. Our two clients were heading westbound on the 91 freeway when they began to slow for traffic up ahead. A driver two cars behind them failed to decelerate speed and rear-ended the vehicle in front. The impact caused a domino effect that eventually reached our clients. The initial collision caused the defendant to face perpendicular to traffic. As the tow truck attempted to turn around—to avoid being t-boned by any oncoming vehicles—they accelerated directly into the back of our client’s vehicle. The impact jolted their vehicle into the next lane, to which they were t-boned by an unidentified vehicle that fled the scene.

Both of our clients were suffering from injuries before the accident. Though the defendant did not cause our clients’ prior injuries, their pre-existing conditions were exacerbated as a result of the collision. Under the Eggshell Plaintiff doctrine, the liable party is held responsible for any new injuries, as well as, the aggravation of any previous health conditions that the victim had prior to the time of the accident. 

The incident left our clients with further damage to their pre-existing conditions, along with newly developed injuries that negatively impacted their lives. With multiple injured parties and their statements on record, it was clear the defendant was in violation of failing to drive at a speed that is deemed reasonable for current road conditions (i.e. weather, unsafe circumstances, and traffic). Using a relentless approach and a tenacious argument against the defendant, Habbas skillfully secured a global settlement of $375,000 shortly after mediation.