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Samer Habbas Secures $855,000 for a Rideshare Auto Accident with an Underinsured Motorist

samerLaguna Hills, Calif. — Managing Partner, Samer Habbas of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates settles a rideshare accident case for $855,000. The plaintiff was operating a rideshare vehicle, taking a passenger to their requested destination at the time of the accident. The rideshare driver was proceeding to make a protected left-hand turn, going westbound, when they were suddenly t-boned by a vehicle that ran through a red light signal, going eastbound. 

The plaintiff had immediate complaints of head, neck and back pain. Directly from the scene of the accident, she was taken to the nearest hospital by paramedics. The plaintiff was diagnosed with multiple disc protrusions in her cervical and lumbar spine, which caused her to feel severe pain in her neck and in her lower back going down to her legs. Her injuries made a significant, negative impact on her everyday life. In her doctor’s prognosis, it was noted that she may never make a full recovery. 

The negligence of the other driver caused our client to suffer serious physical, emotional and financial damages. With a police report on record, the liability was clear-cut against the driver who failed to stop at a red light. Habbas was able to quickly tender the defendant’s policy limits of $30,000. But Habbas didn’t stop there. Our client’s injuries, alone, far exceed the defendant’s policy limits. So Habbas and his team continued on to get our client the full compensation she deserved. Fortunately, our client had an Underinsured Motorist (UIM) policy, covered through the rideshare company’s insurance carrier. In response to our demand, the insurance company presented a low-ball offer of $85,000. Habbas, knowing well the true value of this case, refused their substandard offer. In an attempt to avoid arbitration, the insurance company almost tripled their initial offer to $225,000. However, our team wouldn’t budge from our initial demand because we believed the case value was much higher. With a relentless and aggressive approach, Habbas was able to recover $825,000 of the UIM policy—for a total settlement of $855,000. Habbas managed to accomplish a settlement of this significant amount, even though the plaintiff never underwent any surgical procedures.