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Personal Injury AttorneyInsurance adjusters will often attempt to stall, hoping that as your financial needs mount, you would be willing to accept a lower settlement in exchange for quicker payment. One of the benefits of hiring an Orange County personal injury attorney is that he or she will keep the pressure on insurance adjusters who try to stall or stonewall you.

Probably the most common method that insurance adjusters use to stall negotiations is simply refusing to communicate with the claimant. The adjuster may fail to return phone calls or respond to letters and faxes because of a heavy caseload or other legitimate difficulties. However, it is often a calculated attempt to stall negotiations, often because the claimant wants answers that the insurance company is not prepared to give.

If you do manage to get a hold of an adjuster who is using this tactic, he attempt to avoid discussing your claim by asserting that your file cannot be located. This excuse may be legitimate; there is often a central filing system that the adjuster must use to access your file, and it is entirely possible for your file to have gotten lost in the shuffle. However, like excuses that involve heavy caseloads, this excuse is nearly impossible to verify. While it may not automatically mean that your adjuster is avoiding you, it can be another warning sign if you have other reasons to suspect it.

If you have been injured in Orange County, don’t let insurance adjusters give you the runaround. An experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer will recognize these tricks and do whatever is necessary to get you the settlement you deserve. Call Samer Habbas today for a free consultation.