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California Damage Caps on Pain and Suffering - Personal Injury ClaimThe purpose of a discrimination case is to recover damages sustained by a victim of discrimination and to discourage the defendant person or organization from discriminating against others in the future. However, pursuing a discrimination lawsuit is not an easy task. Like all personal injury lawsuits, it is upon the plaintiff, or lawyer filing the lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiff, to carry the burden of proof. This means that there must be enough evidence to convince the court or jury that the discrimination was deliberate and that it negatively affected the plaintiff’s life or livelihood or the lives and livelihoods of a group of people. Here are some tips on how to succeed in a discrimination lawsuit:

  • Have a consultation with a lawyer who has a great deal of experience litigating discrimination cases to determine if you have valid grounds to file a lawsuit.
  • Keep detailed and accurate records of the times, dates and people who were involved with discriminatory behavior and back it up with documents connected with the incidents, if possible.
  • If the complaint is employment-based, address the discrimination with your boss or the Human Resources Department of the company and explain why you feel that you or someone else has been a victim of deliberate discrimination.
  • If your efforts to address the discrimination result in retaliatory action of any kind, try to record or otherwise document these incidents in detail.
  • With the assistance of an experienced discrimination attorney, file a discrimination lawsuit and support your case with compelling evidence that illustrates how, when and where the discrimination occurred.
  • When gathering evidence for a discrimination lawsuit, be prepared for robust opposition to your assertions.

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