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Insurance Claims LawyerIn Orange County, personal injury claims can take a long time. There is paperwork to fill and schedules to coordinate and the process, and claimants are often very frustrated and inconvenienced by this fact. However, it is an unfortunate reality that some unscrupulous insurance adjusters will take advantage of this fact and attempt to pressure claimants into accepting lower settlements. Here are some of these tactics.

The claims adjuster might suggest third-party arbitration. There are many situations where this would be a good idea. However, unnecessary arbitration is a very common adjuster stalling tactic. Paying the arbitrator’s fees might put an addition financial strain on the claimant, and the time spent waiting for arbitration to occur could allow to the adjuster to take control of negotiations. Experienced Orange County personal injury attorneys will be able to recognize when arbitration is appropriate and when it is not.

Another unscrupulous tactic involves the statute of limitations for your case. Claims representatives sometimes stall in order to run out the statue of limitations on a claim. The claims adjuster is supposed to let the claimant know that he needs to take steps to protect his case, but some claimants don’t find out until they try to contact the adjuster after the statute has run out. In many jurisdictions, lack of notice form the insurer can suspect the statute of limitations. An experienced Orange county personal injury attorney can protect his claimants from this tactic, if only because he knows when the statute of limitations will run out.

The last tactic involves outright denying knowledge of the claim. The adjuster will pretend that the claimant that he has no claim, continue this charade until the claimant gives up or it is no longer feasible. These claims are illegal, and savvy claimants can usually tell by the way that the adjuster will not put such claims into writing.

An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney can make sure that you never fall victims to these tactics when you are pursuing your personal injury claim. Call Samer Habbas today to schedule a free initial consultation.