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nursing home abuse

Most elderly individuals rely on walkers and wheelchairs to leave their beds. They depend on others to care for them. And they go to nursing homes to be cared for. Instead of being cared for, some of these elderly people are sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, the unthinkable is happening at nursing home facilities throughout the country: […]

nursing home abuse

In the final article of this series, Orange County nursing home attorney Samer Habbas will discuss three more issues that are commonly encountered in nursing home neglect/abuse cases: medical errors, inaccurate clinical records, and pressure sores. Medical Errors Due to financial considerations, nursing homes sometimes hire staff members who are poorly educated and poorly trained. […]

Patients Infected By Dirty Scopes

In <parts one> and <two> of this series, we discussed some of the different types of claims that can be brought against nursing homes, including claims for willful misconduct, medical malpractice, and simple negligence. In this article, we will discuss two more issues commonly encountered by Orange County nursing home attorneys: malnutrition and dehydration. Malnutrition […]

nursing home abuse

Different Types of Orange County Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect, Part 2 In <Different Types of Orange County Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect, Part 1>, we discussed two categories your nursing home abuse or neglect case might fall into and what special considerations your Orange County nursing home attorney will need to make for each. In this article, we […]