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Medical MalpracticeIf you have recently started to research whether your cancer misdiagnosis situation is legally actionable, you have likely come across a great deal of content focused on proving that your circumstances resulted directly from a healthcare provider’s negligent approach to patient care. You may even be aware that to secure both economic and non-economic damages via a medical malpractice lawsuit, you’ll need to establish that your provider directly caused your harm because of their substandard approach to the legal duty of care that they owed to you.

What mainstream content concerning cancer misdiagnosis scenarios focuses too little on is the true costs of what patients who are affected by misdiagnosis are subjected to. Yes, it is true that higher medical costs, lost wages, and other easily calculated damages impact patients and their families in such a situation. Yet, the true cost of cancer misdiagnosis is rooted in time, energy, and a sense of trust and well-being lost due to a healthcare provider’s negligence.

Sapping Finite Resources

When cancer is diagnosed both accurately and promptly, patients are empowered to seek out the least aggressive treatment options available that are likely to result in a favorable outcome. As cancer progresses, perhaps because it was misdiagnosed and escalated while undetected, patients are left with fewer viable treatment options. As a result, the options available to them tend to be particularly aggressive because lower-level treatment options are no longer likely to result in favorable outcomes.

Your time on Earth, your energy, and your ability to remain resilient in the face of hardship are all finite resources. At some point, you will run out of time, energy, and the ability to remain grounded and optimistic in the face of challenging circumstances. While your energy and resilience tend to renew – at least, to an extent – each day, the chronic sapping of these resources tends to lead to an emptier well from which to draw day in and day out.

By being denied the ability to address your medical reality in prompt, informed ways, your mind, body, and spirit have been subjected to burdens that they should have rightfully been spared. While no amount of compensation can restore these lost finite resources, seeking justice can help you to better maintain your remaining finite resources as you move forward.

Taking Action

California is widely respected as particularly protective of the rights of injury victims. For example, the state recently raised its cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases. As a result of the state’s approach, if you have a strong case to make and opt to file it in California, chances are good that you will receive economic justice as a result of what you have suffered.

At this point in your medical journey, you may not be particularly interested in pursuing damages that resulted from your harm, as all your energy is devoted to healing as completely as you can. This is understandable. Yet, you’ll want to take some time to think about what benefits seeking justice could afford your efforts to heal before dismissing the opportunity to take legal action. By seeking compensation, you can better ensure that you’ll be able to pay for the care that you require. You can also seek pain and suffering damages to obtain some measure of justice for the finite resources that your provider’s negligent approach has cost you.

A California Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help You If You’ve Suffered Harm

Whether you have suffered as a result of a personal cancer misdiagnosis scenario or you have lost a closely related loved one due to this kind of medical malpractice, know that you do not need to navigate the legal aspects of your situation alone. The reputable legal team at The Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates, PC has extensive experience advocating on behalf of the interests of patients and loved ones who have weathered circumstances like yours and we are here to help.

To learn more about how our firm can assist you and your family during this consequential time, you can schedule a free, confidential case evaluation with our team. You can either call 949-727-9300 or contact us online to get started. Although seeking compensation cannot turn back the clock on all you have been through, it can help you to pursue justice on behalf of yourself and as an agent for change whose actions can affect an untold number of other patients just like you. We look forward to aggressively pursuing justice on your behalf.

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