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Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer’s last chance to communicate directly with the jury is at closing arguments. This is the last impression the jury will have of your attorney as an advocate in your case. A great closing argument will not win a case that is otherwise lost, but a bad closing can lose a case that should have been won.

Cases Involving Mental and Emotional Injuries

Lawyers use various themes during their closing arguments to help the jury understand the true nature of the damages in a personal injury claim, especially cases that resulted in severe psychological injuries. In general, these types of cases often need require the attorney to really capture the jury’s attention.

In dealing with the mental and emotional injuries in your personal injury claim, your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will concentrate on the nature of your losses instead of your psychological pain. Although there are numerous types of losses you may have suffered, the loss that your lawyer will mainly focus on is the loss of peace of mind.

Physical InjuryThe most effective way to convey psychological suffering to a jury is to make the jury understand that although suffering a physical injury may involve difficult recovery, as long as the victim maintains his or her peace of mind, they can live a happy, fulfilled life. However, once a person loses their peace of mind, their life becomes an abyss void of anything to live for. In other words, when a plaintiff loses his or her peace of mind, they lose all ability to cope with the psychological trauma of the accident regardless of how much money they are awarded.

In short, your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer’s closing argument will play a key role in painting a picture for the jury of your mental and emotional injuries resulting from the accident.

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