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LiabilityIn the land of glitz and glamour, where dressing up is as much a part of the culture as beach days and film festivals, costumes hold a special place. But what happens when the joy of dressing up turns into a nightmare due to an unsafe or defective costume or accessory? Below, our personal injury lawyers explain the potential liabilities of costume stores in California and costume-related harm more generally.

The Duty Of Care In Selling Costumes

Before determining liability, it’s essential to understand the concept of the “duty of care.” For example, businesses, including costume stores, owe their customers a duty of care. This means they must ensure that the products they sell are safe for their intended use. Selling a costume or accessory that has a known defect or that is inherently unsafe breaches this duty.

California’s Strict Liability For Defective Products

The Golden State has stringent laws when it comes to product defects. Under California’s strict liability doctrine, a seller or manufacturer can be held liable if they sell a product that is defective, even if they weren’t negligent. This means that if you bought a costume in California that was defective and it caused you an injury, you could sue the store or manufacturer without having to prove they were negligent.

Types Of Defects In Costumes And Accessories

Design Defects

These are inherent flaws in the design of the product. For instance, a mask designed in such a way that it obstructs breathing could be considered to have a design defect.

Manufacturing Defects

Even if a costume’s design is safe, there can be defects in the manufacturing process. An example could be the use of a toxic dye in a costume that causes skin reactions.

Warning Defects

These relate to the lack of appropriate warnings or instructions with the product. If a cape is flammable and there’s no warning about keeping it away from open flames, that could be a warning defect.

Possible Injuries And Damages

It’s not just about the spook factor; real injuries can result from defective costumes. This can range from mild irritations or allergic reactions to severe burns, choking, or even long-term health issues. Once you establish liability, you could be entitled to damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Seeking Personalized Guidance From Personal Injury Lawyers

In California, the joy of dressing up should never come at the cost of one’s safety. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a defective or unsafe costume or accessory, you have legal rights. Understanding the potential liability of costume stores and the state’s strict liability laws can help you take the necessary steps to seek compensation and justice via an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

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