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Not all motor vehicle accidents involve clear cut liability. In some cases, drivers point fingers to each other for the cause of the crash. Getting neutral or unbiased facts as to how the accident happened can be difficult, especially if there are no eye witnesses. Dash cams on vehicles, especially Tesla models, are becoming a more popular method to providing authorities and insurance companies a clear, objective account of collisions.

Proof of Accident

teslaUnderstanding why drivers install dash cams in their vehicles is easy – if someone tries to pull an accident scam or hits you, you will most likely have direct proof that you were not the cause of the crash. When you file a personal injury claim, exonerating evidence such as dash cam footage can work in your favor.

Dash cams are legal to install in your vehicle. In fact, the dash cam is a common feature in Tesla Model S and Model X cars manufactured after August 2017, and all Model 3 cars. If you have this feature on your Tesla vehicle, you can record and store video footage captured by your car’s forward-facing camera onto a USB flash drive.

Using Dash Cam Footage as Evidence

Dash cam footage is increasingly being submitted as evidence in legal actions. This video evidence can be extremely helpful in not only proving who caused the accident, but also capturing necessary information in a hit and run accident to find the at-fault driver who fled the scene. The footage can also be used if your car is vandalized or stolen.

For example, in a recent case, a Tesla owner used his Model 3’s built-in dash cam to prove truck driver was at fault for crashing into his electric car. Thanks to the footage captured by the Model 3, authorities and the insurance companies involved were able to get a clear, objective account of the unfortunate incident.

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