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red traffic LightFor many motorists, driver’s training classes were many years ago. Since then, the number of blinking red lights has increased in California, and many people are nervous and hesitant regarding their duties and what they are supposed to do at a blinking red light. This article will describe the types of blinking red lights and what is expected of you as a driver at each type.

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First and foremost, at a blinking red light, you must give the right of way to the drivers who arrived at the intersection before you.

Blinking Red Traffic Light With Green Arrow

An additional way you, as a driver, may see a blinking red traffic light is in conjunction with a green arrow. The arrow is typically signaling when it would be advisable for you, the driver, to make a right or left turn. You must stop completely if the blinking red light is also an arrow. Then after the coast is clear, you may proceed in the direction the arrow is pointing you. 

Many times at these lights, the blinking red arrow will also become a solid green arrow. When this happens, it means you can go in the direction of the arrow, as the traffic from other directions should be stopped. Finally, if you encounter a blinking red traffic light with arrows, you must be in the correct lane corresponding to the arrow to proceed in that direction.

Blinking Red Light At A Railroad Crossing

There are multiple places you may see a blinking red light. One of those places is at a railroad crossing. If you encounter a blinking red light at a railroad crossing, you must make a complete stop. Then, you should ensure that no train is coming from either direction on any set of tracks. Then you may proceed through the intersection after ensuring no train is coming.

In many urban areas, additional gates and bars will come down when a train is approaching to signal motorists that they must stop for the train. Once the gate lifts and the lights stop flashing, you are able to continue through the railroad tracks. 

Blinking Red Light At A Crosswalk

In many parts of California, pedestrian traffic is a very large part of busy areas and roadways. In these extra busy places, there may be a blinking red light placed at a crosswalk to allow pedestrian traffic the chance to cross. In these cases, as a motorist, you must come to a complete stop, even if you do not see pedestrians nearby at first glance. 

Once you come to a complete stop and fully check for any pedestrians waiting to cross, then you can proceed through the blinking red light. It is essential that you still stop even if you don’t see any pedestrians while approaching the blinking red light because you never know when there may be someone on a bike going faster than you anticipated.

We Are Here To Help You

We hope these tips will help you avoid accidents when you encounter blinking red lights. But if you find yourself needing an attorney to represent you in an auto accident case, we want to help you. Call to set up a consultation at 888-848-5084 or contact us online.