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Boat accident attorney lawyerThe U.S. Coast Guard reports that watercraft and boating accidents are on the rise in California and the rest of the country. These types of accidents are slowly increasing each year. The rising popularity of jet skis and other kinds of personal watercraft are one of the factors that the Coast Guard says is contributing to more watercraft and boating accidents in California and elsewhere. The fact that there are additional people out on the state’s lakes and rivers is another factor. By far, the biggest factor in California watercraft and boating accidents is operator’s negligence and recklessness.

Watercraft operators and guests under the influence of alcohol are frequently a contributing factor in watercraft and boating accidents. The majority of these accidents that result in fatalities occur when a vessel capsizes, followed by collisions with other vessels and stationary objects and occupants falling overboard. The Coast Guard has estimated that drunken boat operators with blood-alcohol concentrations above 0.10 percent are more than ten times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in a watercraft or boating accident than those who have not been drinking while operating their boats. Around 38 percent of all fatal California watercraft and boating accidents involve alcohol, and more than 65 percent of fatalities are passengers.

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