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car accident T-bone accidents can be uniquely traumatizing events. While it is certainly jarring to be involved in a rear-end accident, there is something mentally and emotionally different about being broadsided or about broadsiding someone else. It is relatively rare that a rear-end accident is catastrophic. By contrast, T-bone accidents are rarely minor in the scope of damage they inflict. If you’ve recently been involved in a T-bone crash, you’re likely struggling to recover from serious injuries or struggling to recover from the trauma of knowing that someone else involved in your crash has been seriously hurt.

Regardless of your circumstances, it’s critically important that you connect with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Whether you’re convinced that your accident is totally your fault or you’re convinced that you’re blameless, you can benefit from speaking with a knowledgeable attorney about your rights and options under the law. 

Causation And Fault Considerations

It is a common misconception that the driver whose vehicle broadsides another vehicle is always at fault in a T-bone accident. While this is frequently the case, it is certainly not a definitive rule. Many considerations must be objectively evaluated and investigated before the cause of a T-bone accident can be identified definitively. This is one of the many reasons why it’s essential to avoid making assumptions about the strength or weakness of your legal situation until after you’ve spoken with an attorney.   

Partial Liability In California 

California is one of a handful of states that honors a legal theory known as “pure comparative negligence.” This legal theory protects the rights of accident injury victims far more copiously than the legal theories found in most states. If you are in a position to file a lawsuit in California, you won’t be barred from seeking compensation for your harm simply because you were partially at fault for what happened to you. Instead, the portion of blame assigned to you will be used as a fraction to reduce the total amount of compensation you could potentially pursue.

Say that you broadside another car after becoming momentarily distracted by your toddler choking on a cracker in the back of your SUV. You feel terrible and are convinced that the accident is your fault. Upon investigation, it is determined that the other vehicle had just run a red light, and the driver had been awake for 30 hours just before the crash. Additionally, a car inspection reveals that your brakes are faulty. You’re assigned 10% of the blame due to distraction, the manufacturer of the brakes is assigned 30%, and the other driver is assigned 60% of the fault for the crash. If your case is valued at $100,000, you’ll still be entitled to pursue $90,000 for your harm because you’re only responsible for your 10% share of responsibility for what happened. 

Connect With An Experienced California Car Accident Attorney Today To Learn More

If you’ve been injured in a T-Bone accident, chances are you’re in a solid position to sue for the harm you’ve suffered. Unless you were 100% at fault (which you likely won’t be able to determine until we investigate the circumstances of your crash), you might be able to seek significant compensation at this time. 

To learn more, reach out to the dedicated legal team at The Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates, PC, today. Our firm is proud to offer free legal consultations to motor vehicle accident injury victims interested in learning more about their options. To schedule a pressure-free, no-cost, confidential consultation today, call 949-727-9300 or contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you.