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personal injury attorneyAs a plaintiff, you only get one chance to impress the jury – and that is during your testimony. How you tell your story and the version of the facts can have a major impact on the ultimate outcome of your case. In order for you to make a good impression on the jury and the judge, you will need the help of an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney to properly prepare you for testifying in court.

Below are ten important tips for you to consider during your testimony at your personal injury trial.

1. Know all the facts of your case by going over deposition transcripts and the answers you provided during the discovery phase of litigation.
2. Be familiar with your medical history – it is important to know the details of your medical treatments, such as which doctors you went to, what procedures you had, why you received the treatment that you did, and what medication you were prescribed.
3. Be truthful and honest when testifying and answering any questions while on the stand.
4. Be polite and courteous to both the opposing attorney and the judge – your attitude can easily influence how the jury votes.
5. Speak loud and clear when answering questions.
6. Maintain good body language – sit up straight, do not fidget, and maintain eye contact with the jury while talking.
7. Respond to only questions that you completely understand; if you do not understand a question, ask the attorney to rephrase it.
8. Dress in proper court attire.
9. Arrive on time or even earlier than expected.
10. Do not make sarcastic or “funny” comments in response to any questions asked by either the opposing counsel or the judge.

But perhaps the most important thing you need to keep in mind in order to be a good trial witness in your own personal injury case is to properly prepare with the help of your Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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