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Car AccidentTragedy strikes a 23 year old pregnant woman in Los Angeles resulting as one of the 5 victims who were killed in Thursday’s high-speed impact crash in Windsor Hills.

According to the Los Angeles coroner and law enforcement it was not immediately known how the victim, Asherey Ryan, was involved in the tragic accident or if she was traveling in one of the vehicles.

At least six vehicles were involved in the crash, three of which had caught fire. The other vehicles involved had also sustained considerable damage.

The California Highway Patrol is continuing the investigation and the cause of the crash.

Adult Female Traveling at an Illegal High Speed Caused the Accident.

Investigators believe that an Adult Female in a Mercedes vehicle traveling southbound on La Brea may have been the cause of this tragic accident by traveling at what authorities say was a “high rate of speed” and running a red light was what resulted in these victims’ vehicles engulfed in flames at the corner of this Los Angeles gas station. Causation or motive has not been confirmed.

5 Dead and as Many as 8 Injured Have Been Confirmed.

The at fault vehicle left 5 killed and at least 8 injured, the fatalities include 3 adults, a pregnant woman, and an infant. The injured parties were rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for treatment. Of the injured victims it is reported that six of them were teens and one had sustained major injuries.

The infant victim in this tragedy was seen on the intersection, witnesses confirm there was an attempt of resuscitation but unfortunately was unsuccessful.

A Scene of Fear, Fire, and Chaos

In the distress of the scene many people ran away in fear of a gasoline-fueled explosion and flying debris from the involved vehicles. The bulging smoke was seen from miles away.

Though desperation and fear were amongst everyone near and at the scene many people rushed to help the victims. Witnesses say that at least two people were seen rushing to aid with fire extinguishers in their hands.

Witnesses describe the scene as truly horrific. Though most were left with little to no words, the mourning and immense tragedy of the loss of these life’s depicted the scene.

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