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Car AccidentIndividuals harmed in traffic accidents and other personal injury accidents around the holidays should strongly consider contacting a personal injury lawyer to help them pursue compensation for their injuries. People harmed in a holiday accident should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Although the holiday season can make it more challenging to find the time to reach out, it is essential to get legal assistance promptly following an accident. 

An attorney can guide victims as they respond to their injurious circumstances. For instance, they might benefit from obtaining a police report related to the accident in question, which can constitute significant evidence for a personal injury lawsuit. 

California law imposes a statute of limitations on those who wish to file personal injury cases. In California, personal injury victims generally have two years following the incident that caused their injuries to file a personal injury lawsuit. Victims sometimes do not know they were injured immediately and discover the harm later. In those cases, they’ll likely only have one year following the discovery of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of an experienced attorney. 

Although victims usually have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, they should not wait to speak with a lawyer, as it can take time to investigate a victim’s circumstances, gather evidence, and establish a claim after an initial meeting with an attorney. Some individuals wish to interview multiple attorneys before choosing one, which can prolong the process of filing a lawsuit. Once they have selected an attorney to represent them, their attorney will need time to gather relevant evidence, identify the responsible party or parties, estimate damages, and build the strongest possible case. 

Should Accident Victims Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer If They Do Not Know Who Caused The Accident? 

When accidents occur around the holidays, some injury victims struggle to determine whether someone’s negligence, recklessness, or intentionally dangerous conduct caused the injury in question. Even while they are still determining who is at fault, they should contact a personal injury lawyer as quickly as they can to learn more about their options. A lawyer can help them find out who is responsible for the accident. Multiple people could share responsibility, and this information may only be uncovered after an attorney has completed a thorough and objective evaluation of the circumstances involved. 

Although victims can feel hesitant to pursue legal claims around the holidays, it is important to find a skilled attorney to protect their interests as soon as possible. Without a strong legal advocate aggressively fighting to protect their rights, victims may miss out on significant compensation to which they’d be otherwise entitled. 

Should Victims Contact Personal Injury Lawyers If They Were Partially At Fault? 

Even when a victim was partially at fault for an accident, they might still be able to recover compensation. California is a pure comparative negligence state. As a result, individuals can often recover compensation related to their harm even if they also contributed to the cause of their accident. While some states only allow people to recover for injuries when they do not bear the majority of the responsibility for injurious circumstances, California allows people to recover damages from accidents regardless of how much fault has been personally assigned to them.  

Protect Your Rights with an Experienced Accident Attorney

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