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car accident lawyerClient statements that were taken by the insurance carrier are often prejudicial and can hurt your case. Your Orange County car accident lawyer will take action to minimize any potential damage.Almost every statement that an insurance adjuster has gotten will contain some problems or inconsistencies that question its accuracy. The following are examples of situations where the validity of a statement could be compromised.

  • The adjuster paraphrased your responses in way that is advantageous to the carrier instead of transcribing the statement word-for-word.
  • The adjuster left out the parts of your statement that are not to the insurance company’s advantage from the transcription.
  • Parts of your transcribed statement were otherwise deleted, misunderstood, or transcribed improperly.
  • The transcription of your statement was not taken by a court reporter or other neutral party.
  • You were never told that you could consult with a lawyer before the statement was obtained.
  • You were not told that the statement was being taken in order to advantage the insurance carrier, i.e. that it would be used against you in later proceedings.
  • You did not give the statement under oath.
  • An analogous opportunity to obtain statements from the defendant was not afforded to you and your attorney.
  • The statement was obtained before the full documentation of the injuries you suffered due to the accident.

The insurance carrier will do all in its power to prevent you from getting the settlement that you deserve. To determine how to best fight for your rights, call experienced Orange County auto accident attorney Samer Habbas at (888) 848-5084.