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Policy misconduct and police brutality has recently been the focus of many news reporters across the country. Abuse of police power is a serious matter that may not only affect the victim and their family, but the country as a whole. Without the rule of law, the values that the police seek to serve and protect the public are meaningless. Put in simple terms, police brutality and misconduct has the same effect of undermining the U.S. Constitution.Police Misconduct: Case

This sort of misconduct by the police should never occur. But it does. One recent case in California involves San Bernardino sheriff deputies using excessive force in the arrest of a man following a 2.5 hour chase during which the suspect rode away on a stolen horse.

The Facts of the Case

On April 10, 2015, San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon placed 10 deputies on paid administrative leave after a TV station recorded several of them kicking and punching a suspect following a chase. The decision was announced after 30 year old Pusok was arrested the day before in a violent encounter filmed by a KNBC-TV helicopter.

The deputies had initially confronted Pusok while attempting to serve a search warrant in an identity theft investigation. The suspect resisted the search warrant and fled the scene by car and then on a stolen horse. He traveled several miles while the deputies chased him on foot. When Pusok fell from the horse, a deputy ran up and fired a Taser, which was believed to be ineffective because of Pusok’s loose clothing.

When deputies reached the suspect, he was face down with his arms and legs stretched out and his hands behind his back. One deputy kicked him in the head or shoulder area and then continued to punch him. Another deputy kicked him in crotch area. Other deputies arrived moments later.

Police Misconduct On the Rise

This police misconduct and brutality is the latest in a string of recent videotaped incidents involving police officers using excessive force on suspects, including shooting unarmed suspects.

Police brutality can come in many forms, including:
– Unnecessary use of force
– False imprisonment
– Sexual harassment/assault
– Illegal searches
– Planting evidence

Regardless what type of police misconduct you or a loved one was subject to, you may be entitled to file a police misconduct lawsuit to seek compensation for the harms you have suffered. Taking legal action is also important because it can send a strong message to law enforcement that such brutality and misconduct will not be tolerated by the community.

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