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California Boat Accident Lawyers

Have You Been Injured on a Boat, Jet Ski, or other Watercraft? Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

Watercraft and boating accident lawyers are personal injury attorneys whose legal specialty is working with clients who have suffered injuries in a boating or watercraft accident. The Law Offices of Samer Habbas establish liability in accident cases, and fight for your right to fair and complete compensation for your injuries.

If you have been injured in Southern California, our experienced boat accident attorneys will fight to get the settlement you deserve.

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According to the United States Coast Guard, every one of the top five contributing factors in boating accidents are examples of personal negligence. Failure to pay attention to the waterways; careless boating; improper passenger behavior (including unsafe behavior by skiers); excessive speed, and the use of drugs or alcohol all set the stage for severe injuries
or even death for operators, passengers, and innocent by-standers.

The Costs of a Boating Accident

Watercraft and boating accidents caused over $50 million in property damage during 2007. Over 680 deaths were caused by accidents during the same period, as well as over 3600 injuries. Falling overboard is indicated as the primary cause in over 200 boating accident deaths, while colliding with another vessel is the accident type most likely to cause injury.

When a boat or personal watercraft collides with another vessel or fixed object, the likelihood of severe injury is very high. Traumatic amputation, brain injuries, spine injuries, and loss of vision are common injuries associated with boating accidents.

Although the medical services required for treating serious injuries are quite expensive, health care costs account for only a fraction of the total costs of a boating or watercraft accident. A recent Centers for Disease Control study found that other costs, such as lost wages, pain, and suffering make up the bulk of the costs associated with a boating

Boating and watercraft accident attorneys work with injured victims to ensure that the mental, emotional, and physical costs of an accident are paid through personal injury claims. The needs of those who depend on the victim for emotional or financial support also have value, and a boating and watercraft accident lawyer makes sure those needs are met. Watercraft accident attorneys also represent the families and loved ones of victims
killed in boating accidents.

Injured in a Watercraft Accident?

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